Economic Development

The United States economy is currently reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 virus. Unemployment is at at an all time high and small businesses are fighting against all odds to stay afloat. Oil and gas prices have plummeted, which has left thousands of our Wyoming families without jobs or income. With our state so heavily reliant on energy industries, it is our families that have suffered the most from this crisis. Yet, during all this, the Republican controlled Wyoming State Legislature is pushing increased regulation, new taxes on industries, and expanding our state’s dependence on the federal government.

We must make Wyoming the most attractive state to do business in and innovate. We need to begin diversifying our economy so that crises like this do not have such a big impact on our families in the future. I will work with industry leaders in agriculture, tech, tourism, and countless others to grow the economy and bring good jobs that allow our young families to stay and thrive. More economic freedom and fewer hoops to jump through will enable Wyoming to not just weather another storm like this, but also to thrive as one of the best states in the nation. I will work to gain control of the strategic resources that have been taken from Wyoming, and those that we are unable to recapture, we will audit PILT to ensure that Wyoming is receiving proper compensation.

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