Second Amendment

Republican and Democratic legislators have proposed sweeping gun control bills that would dramatically alter the relationship between law-abiding citizens and their local governments. These combined bills would allow state and municipal bureaucracies to label individuals as mental health risks without due process. Laws like this disproportionately hurt veterans and marginalized groups. If passed, it would create barriers and restrictions that would limit our ability to protect ourselves, our families, and our homes. I am dedicated to preserving our right to self-defense and gun ownership and would like to see Wyoming become the next constitutional carry state.

While deployed in the Marine Corps, I witnessed the value of protecting individual rights from an overreaching government. Historically, gun control laws have often hurt those who needed protection the most. Therefore, I oppose all gun registration or instant background check schemes that allow the government to keep track of firearm ownership. Lists like this can lead to targeting of individuals solely for firearm possession. I will work with gun owners to create a plan for Wyoming to join states like Vermont, where there is no permit or residency required for either open or concealed carry. The permit for our right to self-defense and gun ownership is the Bill of Rights, and you can count on me to always defend the constitution.

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