About Representative Burt

My name is Marshall Burt, and I was elected to represent Green River and Rock Springs in the Wyoming House of Representatives. I am driven by a sense of service to my wife and children, to my country, and my community, and I am committed to bringing that dedication to Cheyenne.

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Marshall Burt for Wyoming House 39


Economic Development

The United States economy is currently reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 virus. Unemployment is at at an all time high and small businesses are fighting against all odds to stay afloat. Oil and gas prices have plummeted, which has left thousands of our Wyoming families without jobs or income. With our state so heavily reliant on energy industries,

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Education is one of the most expensive government services and should be expected to provide some of the best returns on our investment. Unfortunately, discussions on improving education revolve around throwing more money at a system designed well before the information revolution. As we have seen during the COVID-19 crisis, alternative education solutions are readily available and convenient for many

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Second Amendment

Republican and Democratic legislators have proposed sweeping gun control bills that would dramatically alter the relationship between law-abiding citizens and their local governments. These combined bills would allow state and municipal bureaucracy to label individuals as mental health risks without due process. Laws like this disproportionately hurt veterans and marginalized groups. If passed, it would create barriers and restrictions that

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